Sunday, 18 October 2015

First for the WP

The first Trifle ever on Corvo- a WP first.  An English classic (with a bit of improvising with what was available in the local shop)

Also another first for WP today on the island, an Eastern Wood Pewee which was in the lighthouse valley and due to my former injuries sustained on this rock meant I couldn't make the journey due to my dicky knee. So instead stayed around the village, made a trifle with Katt and family and then birded the village- not a bad haul:
A hefty looking Philadelphia Vireo (?) 
Chimney Swift (with worn outer primaries, presumably testament to a long hard journey). A new bird today.
Cliff Swallow- another new one. Also 2 x Blackpoll, Parula,  maybe a new Grey-cheeked Thrush, new REVs, a new Scarlet Tanager and of course the Pewee
Chimney Swift and Cliff Swallow

The Blue-winged showing well again 
Glimpsed the Ovenbird

Here's the Star!

More great pics from Vincent HERE

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