Monday, 26 January 2015

Restoration Works Update

 Willow Clearance along Southern Lake
 Willow reduction in ringing area
 Selected strimming of islands (and willow clearance) 
Reeds on the Southern Lake- planted these in 2010 See  HERE and HERE
 Lapwings and ducks moving straight into the areas strimmed on the islands
 Male Stonechat
 Water Pipit 
 The 'old man' working on the meadows

Found this Short-tailed Field Vole under a metal sheet

Into our second week of maintenance works at the farmlands. Here's a few pics of works and some of the wildlife around us. 


Lee Dingain said...

Excellent work as usual! Good to see your old man earning his coppers!

Peter Alfrey said...

cheers Dingers.
Keeping him active! lol