Saturday, 24 January 2015

Caspian Gull

Here's a few pics of a first-winter Caspian Gull from yesterday. Some of the mantle and scapulars feathers look rather 'filled' and the inner great coverts look a bit barred. The bill colour is rather odd too with an area of pale towards the base. Might not be completely 'pure' but a rather striking bird nonetheless.


Josh Jones said...

Looks fine for a pure Caspian Gull to me Pete

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Josh, I had a go (!) at scoring it with the BB paper. I got the following score following table 1 and 4 respectively of: 0 (92%), 2 (30%), unknown, 1 (25%), 3 (24%), 1 (13%), 3 (66%), 1 (41%), 1 (65%), 3 (17%) which gives me overall 41% Caspian Gull? Not sure if I've scored it right though. First time I've tried lol