Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Small Redeye

 Small Redeye (note stripes on 'back')
 The Bee-wolf (it hunts bees)
A few of these about
Yesterday Nick Gardner discovered a load of Small Red-eye Damselflies around the lake (we've been overlooking them presumably). I went to photograph them today and while I was looking for them came across this Bee-wolf and these rather distinctives flies.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

From Wikipedia -

The tunnel of Philanthus triangulum can be as much as 1 m long. The first part of the tunnel slopes downward at an angle of 30° after which it levels out. Up to 34 lateral tunnels each ending in a brood chamber branch off from the main tunnel. Each brood chamber is stocked with one to six honeybees

Wow - like a tomb from the Valley of the Kings! The stuff of sci-fi films like Alien.

Just look to nature for inspiration.

Nice Damsel - i'm off to Worcester Beer Festival on Friday and by late evening there will be a few folk looking something like that ;-)

Laurie -

Peter Alfrey said...

Blimey! I saw it near a bee colony- in sand. Would it build the nest amongst the bees?
I was having a close look of a September Thorn today- looks like a character out of a fantasy film. Will post a pic later.
Enjoy the beer fest!