Monday, 4 August 2014

Oak Processionary

 The dreaded Oak Processionary. Caught it over the weekend. The local authority woodlands officer came and collected it and the record will now be reported to the Forestry Commission who will consider whether monitoring and eradication is required. The larvae produce minute hairs that are carried in the wind and can cause severe allergic reactions (sometimes life threatening). The first record for Beddington Farmlands and also the London Borough of Sutton.
 Barred Hook-tip
 Rosy Rustic
 Chequered Fruit-tree Totrix. Been consistenly good for moths over this dry and warm period. 24 Jersey Tigers last night,
The completed new improved Hackbridge village. Looks alrght to me. Beddington Farmlands sign on the ground on the right and the bird mascot sign in the distance on the right. 

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