Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hen Harrier Day

 Chris Packham, Mark Avery and Company

 Sue and Mark Avery
Simon Tonkin ( BAWC

What a great weekend. Travelled up with Sue, stayed at Cambridge University, met up with Simon, attended the Hen Harrier Day event in Derbyshire, great speeches by Mark Avery and Chris Packham, had roast beef for lunch, saw some Red Grouse and came home.
Hen Harrier Day Write ups:
Mark Avery
RSPB investigations
Raptor Persecution Scotland
Speeches Video


Neil Sumner said...

Peter. I was at the same Hen Harrier Day. Will you give me permission to post the phot of Chris P and Mark a in anew Newsletter for our lcoal nature group, the Mill Meadows Society, in Billericay ?

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Neil, just found this comment. No worries, please do. :-)