Friday, 4 July 2014

The Arcade Fire in town

                                   'Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains' 

Went to pay tribute to this Angel and her band yesterday at Hyde Park.
A rare talent to make urban sprawl as interesting as this :-)

Timely appearance of the Arcade Fire in town as phase 1 of the Felnex development was granted permission in last few days. Permission for none other than a Tesco's superstore and high rise dwellings- designed to bring another 3000 people into the village, imposed on a desperate and declining over pressured local environment- all in the name of  Sustainable Development (oh what crimes are being done in it's name?)

More here: LOCAL PAPER

Off to the solicitors later today to discuss next stages in the 'Battle for Beddington'.


Lee Dingain said...

No question the best gig I've ever been to! How many highlights - Intervention, No Cars Go, 'Régine', Neighbourhood #1 (tunnels), 'Régine in sparkly dress', fantastic summer weather, Wake Up, Sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains), 'Régine dancing with fluro-ribbons', Antichrist Television Blues, Natural History Museum walk-past, a forest-themed stage, wild flowers in Hyde Park! Summer in London doesn't get any better!

Peter Alfrey said...

Brilliant evening!
Don't forget the grass moths in the wildflower meadow, Cormorant over while Regine dancing with ribbons and bat sp at dusk lol
Sent you the pics!