Monday, 21 July 2014

A lot of moths

 Jersey Tiger
 Marbled Beauty
 Acrobasis advenella
 Catoptria pinella
 Least Yellow Underwing (first for me)
Epinotia nisella (thanks to Sean from Surrey Moths) . First for the farmlands.
 Argyresthia sp ?
Recurvaria leucatella (thanks Surrey Moths). A first for the farmlands.
Eucosma hohenwartiana (thanks to Surrey Moths). A first for the farmlands.
 Bud Moth Spilonota ocellana
 Agriphila tristella

It's been hectic over last few nights during this heatwave. 83 species of moth over last three trapping nights with over 100 individuals in a night (just from one actinic trap at 'the obs' window).

New for the year recently include Ruby Tigers (up to 6), Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Cachlimorpha straminea, Acrobasis advenella, Brown-line Bright eye, Least Yellow Underwing, Cydia speldana, Pebble Prominet, Spilonota ocellana and Agriphila tristella. Up to three Jersey Tigers so far.

The Starling problem continues- caught two to three different birds in the potter trap (see video below). Thought the fright of getting caught might stop them but the raids on the trap continue.

More micros here: Even worse photos


Lee Dingain said...

The Argyresthia sp. is Cherry Fruit Moth Argyresthia pruniella.

Peter Alfrey said...


Lee Dingain said...

Nao problema meu bom amigo!