Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lush day trip

 Mark Constantine - Birder, potionist, activist supporter and owner of high street beauty cosmetics chain LUSH 
 Cosmetics made by hand

 The largest machines are bakery machines for mixing the natural bulk ingredients- and then the cosmetics are shaped and packed by hand maintaining a labour intensive production line (providing 100s of jobs)
 Fran and me making some stuff
  Fran, Gabz and some lush ladies making present boxes
 Gabz, Fran me, lush chaps and Paul Morton from the Sound Approach
My neices Fran and Gabz and myself went off to see the wizard yesterday to see if we could get some help with the 'Battle for Beddington'. It was a great day- we were met by Paul Morton from the Sound Approach (finder of the Short-toed Eagle) , then had a look round the Lush factories in Poole, then back to the Sound Approach offices to meet Mark.
Lush is a 'guerilla cosmetics' company that produces natural hand made beauty and afforable luxury cosmetics with profits from the company going towards funding environmental causes and also producing some of my favourite birding productions such as the Sound Approach. The company is a huge global success with over 800 high street outlets worldwide and estimated to be worth about 150 million quid. It's a leading example of ethical business.
It was  a great day, got loads of free soap, the girls loved it and Mark was very supportive for Beddington. Bloody excellent.Thanks very much!!  


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

What an interesting place and day out. I did'nt know that MC was a businessman doing this sort of thing. All you need is to write a song for 'Thee Bryans' about it and you have a.....Soap Opera (ouch)!

ATB Laurie -

Peter Alfrey said...

lol- the Sound Approach involved in several conservation projects too e.g. chinese crested terns and stuff around Poole Harbour and working with BTO etc and with Packham and all that. So much going on. Really interesting.

Birds of Poole Harbour said...

Hi Peter, its Paul. I need your mobile number. Contact me at