Monday, 12 May 2014

Spotted Flycatcher and Bugs

 Spotted Flycatcher- one of the later summer migrants to arrive. Seems to have timed its arrival to conicide with increased bug activity.
 Leucistic Herring Gull still present
 Common Blue- first one of the year. Also Brimstone, Speckled Woods, Green-veined Whites and Small Tortoiseshell. Nettle-tap and Adela Rumeralla day flying moths on the Ox-eye daises on our hide meadow. Moth activity at the night lamps including double figures of Pale Mottled Willows and Shuttle-shaped Dart, also Pale Prominent and Large Yellow Underwing recently.
 Nettles, Cow Parsley, Hemlock and other dominant perennial vegetation is now well establishing and insect communities are buidling. The first soldier bettles evident today and increase in ladybirds, sloe and green shield bugs etc. I think this is Red Headed Cardinal Beetle.
What the hell is this? Just heard back from i-spot. It's a Fine Streaked Bugkin nymph I-SPOT

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