Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Little Oak Green Spaces

 (Top two pics) With garden pond, weeping willow, romping ground cover plants, wildflowers and a species rich lawn- there's not really too much maintenance required in this really nice garden. Looks good and loads of wildlife- and not too much work! Just a bit of tidying up every now and then and can spend most time watching the wildlife.

 A wildlife garden in the Bedzed eco-village. Not looking its best yet as waiting for things to flower but maturing shrubs and a clover rich lawn means hardly any maintenance required. A bit of shrub pruning and soon need to mow a border and path through the clover rich lawn.
A more typical sub-urban garden but still plenty of interest for wildlife. More maintenance in keeping lawn weed tree, paths tidy and large shrubs trimmed but a more formal look which is often favoured. Good for business as plenty of work!
Spent today doing site visits and pricing. Here's a few of the green spaces I visited. Garden environments increasingly important habitats for wildlife and luckily in this area lots of great little gardens hiding away. In the recent Cambridge publication 'Urban Ecosystems', Adler and Tanner detail how biodiversity is often at it's highest in these human created environments. Perhaps with a tweak in the perception of what nature is- the 'State of Nature' is probably not so bleak if embracing a wider definition. There is probably several hundred species in these small green spaces, indeed many introduced but biodiversity nonetheless. 

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