Friday, 23 May 2014

Finland, Day 5

 Female Three-toed Woodpecker
 Male Pallid Harrier
 Whooper Swans
 Black-tailed Godwit, presumably of nominate form
Willow Warbler- singing literally everywhere- one of the highlights of the trip
The last day in Finland and a very successful morning. The trip list closed at 146 with 10 personal lifers.
Top Ten highlights of the trip for me were (in reverse order): 10. Willow Warblers singing everywhere, 9. Singing Waders, 8. Little Gulls displaying, 7. Red-necked Grebes displaying, 6. Ruff Lekking, 5. Hawk Owl, 4. Three-toed Woodpecker, 3. Doug missing a Pygmy Owl inside a box! 2. Great Grey Owl and No 1...... Ural Owl.

Thanks to Jaffa for organising this trip through his nature tour company WISE BIRDING

and thanks for great company of Jaffa, Helen, Sue, Neil, Doug and local Finnature guides Petri and Antero. Brilliant trip- absolute magic.


SJH said...

Thanks to you for the hysterical moments, Pete. Especially the second Tengmalm's Owl !!

Peter Alfrey said...

You're welcome! lol. Great trip, great company :-)