Thursday, 6 March 2014

Restoration and Improvements Update

 4000 trees are currently being planted on the Southern Mound at the Farmlands
 Loads of 'helmet-heads' looking at the flood conditions on the lake and monitoring it for pollution. There has been talk about a need for more land to be allocated for flood storage which will be good for increased safeguarding of the conserved land
A few more improvements to 'the Obs' going on at moment- more garden planting
And finally a total make-over in communal parts of the block (one court case, a sec146 re-posession notice, letters to MP, HSE visitations, fire brigade enforcement threats, threats of ombudsman involvement and lease valuation tribunial and five years later. Even the worse property management companies can come good!  )
March Moth- first one last night
Great Crested Grebe- a pair have started building a nest on the Northern Lake

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