Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Regua, Brazil

 The Lodge
 View from lodge tower over re-forested area
 Regua nursery- trees for reforestation being prepared for planting. 150 species of tree are planted in reforestation programmes
 Tropical Screech-Owl
 White-headed Marsh Tyrant
  White-barred Piculet
 Long-tailed Skipper sp?
 Cramer's 88 (named because it usually looks like 88 on the underwing but this one looks like an 80)
White tufted-ear Marmaset
Spending the next two weeks at Regua Lodge in South-east Brazil within the Atlantic Rain Forest. Regua is an impressive and successful conservation project involving re-forestation, wetland development, habitat restoration, education, reintroduction, research and eco-tourism.

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