Sunday, 23 June 2013

Balkep Day 3

Looking eastwards along the Valley of Roses with The Balkans in the background 
Looking westwards  
Organic Eco-Farm in the Valley (Happy Horses Ranch)
Longhorn Beetle 
Banded Demoiselle (?)

This morning was spent photo-logging more of the entomology at the Balkep Centre and this afternoon we visited a nearby organic eco-farm and then had a look at various habitats and land uses in the Valley of the Roses.
Plenty of birds scattered around the landscape including Rough-legged and Common Buzzards, Golden Eagle, Booted Eagle, Red-backed and Lesser Grey Shrike, Cuckoos, Turtle Doves, Quail, Woodlarks, Golden Orioles, Bee-eaters, Ortolans, Black-headed Wagtails, Black-headed Buntings and Isabelline Wheatear.

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