Saturday, 1 June 2013

A hint of Summer

Juvenile Long-tailed Tit- first ones of the season 
The wildflower meadow by the hide 
Rustic Sailor Beetle in the moth trap last night 
Eristalis sp? A common hoverfly in the rank vegetation on 100 acre 
Grey Dagger- last night there was a bit of activity in the moth trap with 2 Knot Grass, 2 Heart and Dart and 1 Common Pug 
Ichneumon suspiciosus
Finally a couple of days that feel a bit like summer resulting in a burst of activity. 100 acre is full of Green Dock Beetles and Nettle Taps and lots of capsids and hoverflies amongst the neetles and hemlock. Good numbers of caterpillars in the nettles too.
The yellow rattle is now flowering by the hide and the meadows are looking pretty good.
Lapwing chicks are out on 100 acre, a Garden Warbler singing there, 2 pairs of Shelduck, a small group of Gadwall around, 2 Teal, a couple of Shoveler yesterday, good numbers of Swift with 200+ in the week and 20+ House Martins. Still a few Swallows moving through in the week. Looks like Sand Martin might be breeding in the Horse Field.  2 Kestrel, Peregrine and Hobby hunting over the farm in the week and one or two Buzzards on several days. Still plenty of singing going on.
Remarking on the local abundance of biodiversity today and reflecting on our good fortune considering the state of nature report that made the headlines this week regarding the decline of biodiversity over many parts of the nation.

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