Sunday, 16 June 2013

Juvs and bugs

Juvenile Chiffchaff- three to four pairs on the farm 
Shelduck young- orginally 10 but only 3 seen today. The second breeding record for the farm. Quite a few Lapwing chicks around too today and a total of 14 Mute Swan young from three pairs. 
Freyer's Pug (?) 
Buff Ermine (First record for Beddington as far as I can tell)
Epiblema cynosbatella (another first for the farmlands according to my records)
Common Blue Damselfly
Still not quite high summer out there, bit grey today and lots of stuff keeping its head down still. The temperatures are still fairly low particularly at night but there is a bit more moth action now.
A few day flying moths are evident with Cinnabars, Burnet Companions, the odd Grass Veneer and pyralids flying around. A few Common Blues and a few damselflies and the first Black-tailed Skimmers. The moth trap has had up to 8 moths recently- not great but better than the last few weeks.
 More young passerines around with flocks of young tits, Garden Warblers are feeding young in the south east and one pair of Shelduck have got young.
Could do with a bit of sun to give things a boost.

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