Thursday, 22 November 2012


London Wetland Center
Adult Med Gull at Beddington

Autumn migration is pretty much over, peak winter birding is still a way off, most of the plants are dying off, not many moths or insects so its basically a great time to do some work.
Been an interesting week at work. On Monday I was having a look at a section of the River Wandle with the Wandle Trust for a project aimed at increasing biodiveristy along the river. On Tuesday we met with architects drawing up plans for the wildlife corridors between the Wandle and Beddington Farmlands. On Wednesday we were working in a graveyard on a sustainable method of dealing with the dead  and yesterday I met up with John at the Wetland Centre to have a look at reducing trees to alleviate the predator threat for breeding waders. Other work highlights this week include good progression with a legal dispute with a rogue Estate Managment Agency, an invitation to the House of Lords for an environment and communities event and as usual and most importantly meet ups with our regular private garden costumers.
I did bunk off on Tuesday for an hour of two to do the gulls at Beddington- an adult Med was the highlight.
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Darryl said...

"... private garden costumers."? You branching out into fancy dress?

Peter Alfrey said...

and amateur dramatics