Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter begins

'Caspo'- a local term for a large white-headed gull showing several features consistent with Caspian Gull 
Features which are not perfect for Caspian Gull include the chequered greater coverts, streaking on the crown, dark around the eye, diffuse shawl and Herring Gull like mantle and scapulars. Pro-Caspian features include the lanky, snouty and full breasted structure, dark tertails with white thumb nail tips, contrasting white head and relatively pale underwing 
November Moths- caught 5 yesterday, also Common Marbled Carpet and Light Brown Apple Moth

Gull numbers are building up at Beddington and we had the first 'Caspo' of the winter today. Gary had a Jack Snipe too.
Highlight of the day was 5 Crossbill which flew over.
It was rather mild last night and had a few moths for the first time in a while, mainly the aptly named November Moth.
Conservation Science Group meeting this morning where we discussed the new Beddington Conservation Management Plan.

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