Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November at the Obs

Long dark evenings writing up this year's stuff and planning next years trips
New birding man bag and re-burbished 7D after breaking it again on the Azores. Birding man bag contains i-pod and speaker with all Western Palearctic and Nearctic Bird calls, digi-scoping kit, entomological specimen containers, notebook, waterproof coat, gloves, hat, flask and museli bars  
Winter Peas in the window farm. Also working on the obs estate ground management plan for next year 
New winter energy saving toy for the obs 
Lush stuff for scrubbing up after muddy cold birding days
Moth trap in the Bugry trying to catch a December Moth 
Winter view from the obs over Irrigation Bridge
Its wet, windy and horrible out there so I've been hiding away in the obs and been shopping. Also been working on the Beddington Bird Report for 2012 and also up dating the Beddington Bird List and the Moth List. Hopefully Steve is updating the Botany List and Derek was planning on publishing some Malaise trap data so we would have made a good start in sorting out the Beddington Pan-species list by spring hopefully.

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