Saturday, 25 June 2011

High Summer

Common Toad (Up to 18 are under the monitoring mats)

Wildflowers (the whole farm is covered in a good array of Wildflowers)

The Sand Martin bank (7-8 breeding pairs this year)

Starlings (Numbers have fallen this summer from 1000+ to about 500- following the annual juvenile Starling feast enjoyed by the corvids)

Ringlet (First one of the year)

Lots of insects, plants and young birds about including Lapwing chicks and a good year for Tree Sparrow. Post breeding birds are also arriving- there are 12-14 Green Sandpiper, 40+ Lapwing, 3-5 Teal but the returning Black-headed Gulls are still few in number.
A flock of 10 Shelduck going overhead were presumably heading to a moulting staging post (Shelducks meet up in huge flocks in the late summer to moult- Bridgewater Bay in Somerset being one of the most famous congregation areas).
The tit flocks are building up with the first Willow Warblers amongst them.

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