Saturday, 17 April 2010


When I moved into my new flat the plan was to get involved in the 'Hackbridge Project'. Part of the initiative is greening this village- planting trees, wildlife gardening, garden makeovers,etc.

Well that was right up my street so I moved in to get involved. First thing I did was tree planting in the communal area . Of course I was expecting vandals to damage it all. Well I was not wrong and now the 'vandals' have arrived........ but not how I expected.

Two words.... Neighbourhood Watch!

Seems there are dark forces at work; spying busy bodies, reporting 'lease-breakers' to poorly managed authorities, who hiding behind letters and sub-contractors enforce 'lease interpretations' against the will of residents at exploitative rates. This generates a vengeful response in the residents who deliberately contravene the lease creating a negative feed loop.

And the crime in this case which has attracted the full might of Neighbourhood Watch. The hideous threat to society that has been successfully thwarted.........
a water barrel in the communal area, collecting rain water to water the new trees.