Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Spent today at the Wandle Valley Regional Park Conference organised by The Wandle Forum, Natural England and Groundwork London.
Johnny and I (me top pic) presented an update on the development of Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve and also got loads of advice on how to develop things further (bottom pic).

At one point things got a little bit weird: see here:


Graham James said...

Nothing wrong with trout dancing Peter.
Over the years, I've danced with many an old trout.

Peter Alfrey said...

You and me both!

Lee Dingain said...

Hilarious! I have visions of you waving your arms about thinking "WTF have I got myself into"?

Peter Alfrey said...

A businessman from my table legged it when this kicked off- he was hoping to sell his product in environemntal outlets but found out they all wanted money from him for sponsorship- but before that he had to perform a trout dance too- he said 'F##k this, I'm off and made a run for it :-))

Maya YS said...

Good to see you take part in the trout dance warm up, Peter! Never too cool for skool :-) Great footage, thank you for posting it.

Peter Alfrey said...

Hello Maya,
just found your comment. I loved that trout dance really :-))I don't know why I resist :-) hehehhehehehe