Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Planting at the obs

Things at the obs are progressing well. Like the farmlands, that it overlooks, the estate that I am living on suffers from mismanagement and neglect. Locally Hackbridge is known as a 'shite hole'.
Anyway, what shite holes need is a bloody good clear out, so, so far in addition to refurbishing my flat, I've managed to get the blinking carpet cleaned in the communal area and lucky for me the lady of the night that lived next door got evicted. I also have got permission to start improving the garden environment around my block. Of course all those improvements will be with birds in mind so today we turned the area outside my front door (above-before) into a planted area with pyracantha and cotoneaster for the birds, a bit if lavender for the insects and some photinia, eunoymous and pieris for decoration and aesthetics (below -after). I've got more extensive plans for the large communal area to the rear but first of all I want to see what happens to this little experiment. Not sure how the local vandals and kids are going to respond.


Gavin Haig said...

Re. your final sentence: if they respond negatively, then MORE Pyracantha, obviously.

All the best with it.

Peter Alfrey said...

Indeed and some Berberis.
Cheers Gavin

Peter Alfrey said...

Apparantley my lavenders need more sun light and should be near the front of this picture and the Pieris is going to need some ericaceous material or something. Cheers Dodge- will get myself down the garden centre.