Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Thames Estuary

Had a break from Beddington today and visited the Thames from Canvey Island with Simon. Looks like this weather is causing some disturbances- we had four Bewick's Swan (pic 4) fly over, a steady trickle of Lapwing moving up river, a single Golden Plover, a flock of 20+ Skylark in the saltings and a Red-throated Diver flying up Teweks Creek.
In addition we had the usual wintering birds including 3000-4000 Knot (pic 1-3), 500+ Dunlin, 80+ Grey Plover, 1800+ Oystercatcher and 40+ Brent Goose. If this weather keeps it could generate more hard weather displacements.


Gyorgy Szimuly (SzimiStyle) said...

Sometimes I feel I am living in a wrong country. Looking at those images... Man, how many shorebirds year-round... :o

Merry Christmas, Szimi

Peter Alfrey said...

The Thames Estuary is fantastic.
Merry Xmas Szimi