Saturday, 18 April 2009

Beddington 180409

Missed a good day yesterday- a good movement of terns, waders and other migrants. Interestingly a light northwesterly again with low cloud following a day of a southerly airflow- this pattern has emerged a couple of times recently.
Today, a cold northeast wind with thin broken high cloud and much of the movement has stopped. The 1st summer Iceland Gull is still present.


Graham James said...

That's interesting, Peter. I'll be looking at the wind directions more carefully in future.

Peter Alfrey said...

In the soon to be published Birds of Beddington Farm there is a section that we have written on the best weather systems for watching migration at Beddington so much of it should apply to Homethorpe and other places in Surrey. So hopefully should be of interest- will make sure to get a copy to you. Cheers.

Graham James said...

That's sounds good, Peter.