Sunday, 26 April 2009

260409 Beddington

Another fairly quiet day. I managed to miss the bird of the day again, this time a Little Gull.

The Buzzard movement has calmed down (a couple today but none over the previous few days)- the wind strengthened and turned to a prevailing direction and then it all stopped. Seems the best weather conditions are a light head wind as part of a high pressure system.


Graham James said...

Hi Peter,
There is definitiely something going on with the appearance of raptors at Beddington, as here at Holmethorpe on the 26th, we had a Red Kite, 4 Hobbies and up to 9 Common Buzzards in the afternoon, which is more than we would normally expect to see. It is almost as though when weather conditions are right for raptors at Beddington the opposite is the case for Holmethorpe and vice versa.

Peter Alfrey said...

There could be something in that- worth keeping an eye on.
We are doing the Beddington patchwatch this Saturday- as many as the group as possible are trying to record as many species as possible (a Birdwatch event). so if you get anything coming our way- would be most appreciated to hear about. Will do likewise.
Nice one Graham