Saturday, 29 August 2020

Save the Lapwing walk - Beddington Farmlands


With a cold northerly blowing and threatening skies an intrepid few turned up for the Lapwing walk (including somebody from the Waste Industry that backed our hopes that it wasn't too late for Viridor to turn things round)  but across the Lapwing walk and the Extinction Rebellion protest at least 60 people were involved. Unfortunately on such a cold bank holiday Saturday not many public were using the park either but the day was a great success nonetheless in launching the Save the Lapwing campaign (and highlighting other Beddington Farmlands issues related to the incinerator). The Save the Lapwing campaign will run until next Spring when the Lapwings will or wont return to breed. More details HERE

Save the Lapwings campaign objectives

  1. Complete the restoration particularly Stages 1-3 of Wet Grassland habitat development aimed specifically at Lapwings. Timescale: within 12 months.
  2. Develop and implement a Lapwing habitat management plan for 100 acre and south east corner of Beddington Farmlands. Timescale: within 6 months.
  3. Develop and implement a lake water level plan to provide the correct water levels for breeding birds on the lakes to stop fox predation and provide habitat for post breeding flocks. Timescale: within three months

Here's a link to some biased journalism from the Daily Mail mentioning the peaceful family event  DAILY MAIL XR

Rather poignantly we didn't find any Lapwings on our Lapwing walk. However thanks to Roger we did have Great White Egret, Peregrine and Hobby.

Here's a few images of the day.

The public hides where today due to lack of correct water level management there were no Lapwings 
The Beddington Farmlands target species graveyard- see video below for more details 
Lapwing die in 
Police were guarding the incinerator  (what a waste of public money fuelled by the hard right wing press that demonises local people calling for corporate accountability and responsibility)  


barry said...

Well Done, but this shouldn't be necessary its about time that corporate executives were given important positions on their ability to serve mankind and not wholly on their small minded focus of how mankind and the natural world in general can be exploited for filthy profit.

Peter Alfrey said...

Agree- we shouldn’t be campaigning for legal binding obligations and the enforcement of planning conditions . It’s all about corporate accountability now . Cant see any chance of a left wing resurgence/big government and any alternative to small government and free markets . We need markets in social and natural capital , community members sitting on corporate boards , triple bottom line accounts for companies and tax bracketing , more billionaire ecological vanity projects etc . We need to embrace the global oligarchy .

barry said...

All that and a realisation that greed will be the end of us. My next door neighbour Dieter Helm has a new and relevant book out "Net Zero How We Stop Causing Climate Change" He is Independent chair of the Natural Capital Committee and although I do not agree with all he says I have much admiration as he tells it as it is, well worth a read.

Peter Alfrey said...

I'll get hold of a copy of that- thanks Barry!