Sunday, 10 February 2019

Ghana 2019

Just back from an epic week in Ghana. We concentrated on two sites, Bobiri Forest for two days and four days at Manso Nkwanta forest with a quick look at Shai Hills en route.

Ebird list from Manso Nkwanta  HERE  . This is a relatively unexplored area so the main aim of the trip was to set up an Ebird recording area and start recording the birds of the area. We also recorded the butterflies and did a bit of moth trapping at Bobiri too. Hope to return to this target area on a regular basis to carry out further recording. 

The team this year was Robert and Isaac Ntakor as our guides ( GHANA BIRDING TOUR ADVENTURES)  , Sue Healey, Roger Payne and myself.


 White-throated Bee-eater- up to 150 of these in the Wetland (Mine workings) 
 Black Bee-eater 
 Little Bee-eaters 
 Chestnut Wattle-eye 
 African Piculet 
 Brown-crowned Tchagra 
 Marsh Tchagra 
 Vieillot's Barbets 
 Speckled Tinkerbird 
 Blue-headed Coucal
 Honey Buzzard 
Immature Cassin's Hawk Eagle 
 Plain-backed Pipit 
 Greater Swamp Warbler- mainly confined to the south east coast but there have been several records from the forest/transition zone border areas 
 Common Red Glider 
 Blue Leaf Pansy 
 Black Mamba- we also had Green Mamba, Green Leaf Snake, Spitting Cobra and the unidentified snakes at Bobiri (see below) 
 Gambian Sun Squirrel 
Red-legged Sun Squirrel 
 View looking north over farm bush mosiac from the miner's road ridge 
 View over the wetland from the ridge 
The Jungle Ice Cream Man- this track was the main track to farm communities across the range complete with a regular flow of bush motorbike taxis and the jungle ice cream man who walks along the forest tracks sounding his horn (visible in his hand in this pic) and selling ice cream to the local cocoa farmers who are isolated miles away from the nearest village. A most welcomed surprise!  


 Black Dwarf Hornbill 
 Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill 
 Grey Parrot - still a small population at Bobiri despite widespread persecution (trapped for the bird trade) 
 Brown Nightjar 
 Male Narina Trogon 
 African Emerald Cuckoo 
 Western Blue Beauty 
 Western Yellow-banded Swallowtail 
 Citrus Swallowtail 
 Drinkers- several hundred of these along the paths 
 Oleander Hawkmoth
 Silk moth sp
 Tiger moth sp
 Hawk moth sp 
Moth sp 
 Snake sp 
Roger and Sue at Bobiri
Setting a butterfly trap up with Isaac (Sue Healey) 


 Yellow-throated Longclaw 
 Greater Honeyguide
 Olive Baboon 
Callithrix Monkey 
Another great trip to Ghana (more to follow on the 110+ Butterfly species we recorded next and also some sound recordings). Looking forward to the next one where we plan to get deeper into the Manso Nkwanta forest so need to return with machetes and a Land rover next year. (Sue Healey) 

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Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Nice Piculet photo and glad to see Bobiri was kind to you with the Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill and the Brown Nightjar played ball. Look forward to a catch up!

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Jaff- I worked out my Ghana list - 446. What's yours?