Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Ghana 2019 Butterflies

We had approx 110 species of butterfly in the week. Here's a few of the most photogenic ones and most of the other species are in the album (below).  Some great names in there - Policemans, Playboys, Pansys, Jokers and Wagglewings. 

Isaac Ntakor is the butterfly tour leader and expert for GHANA BIRDING TOUR ADVENTURES so thanks a lot to Isaac for the identifications. GHANA BUTTERFLIES FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

Western Blue Beauty 
Western Yellow-banded Swallowtail 
Citrus Swallowtail
Blue Leaf Pansy
Common Red Glider
Tentyris Forrester
Large Fairy Hairstreak
White-banded Red-eye 
Waggle wings (Tiny Grass Blue)
Hebes Forrester
Large Orange Playboy
Common Brown Playboy
Bouvier's Elfin 
Peter's Demon Charaxes
African Joker

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