Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Beddington Campaign- The Big Push Update





It's basically the minute before midnight for the wildlife at Beddington Farmlands. De-commissioning of most of the old sewage farm wet land habitat is planned to commence in Spring 2018 and considering the restoration habitats are seven years behind the time schedule in the Conservation Management Plan (or what has become the mis-management plan) there will be nowhere for the Lapwings, waders and other target species to go. Viridor/Pennon have already successfully carried out a programme of ecocide in the hope that  once they've trashed the site, everyone will forget about the visions for public nature reserves and then they won't have to fork out for the restoration that they are legally committed to (a standard practise in the dark arts of the planning system) and also got more chance of extending waste management infrastructure. These are rogue traders of the biggest magnitude and here's what they have done to our local wildlife so far. (The target species are the indicators of success of a Conservation Management Plan).  

Now presumably the plan for Pennon/Viridor is to finish of the job by totally wiping out the tiny relict populations that remain and then telling the local community and the planet to go and fuck itself and die while the CEO of Pennon pays himself a £2 million annual bonus for hitting his key performance indicators - which is to deliver a 4% increase in company value year on year to 2020- so basically the last thing he wants is to be spending any money on something valueless like nature for the benefit of ethnic and working class communities in London while he is saving up for his super yacht. 

So here's the battle plan to deal with these cowboys.

1. On line petition for enforcement of legal conditions by Sutton Council 
2. Special state of nature report at Beddington Farmlands to be distributed to all key decision makers locally and beyond highlighting the critical situation
3.  Submission of formal complaint to Sutton Council in response to the lack of action following the 2015 Local Government Ombudsman report that concluded that the council should discharge conditions on Viridor/Pennon without delay
4. Submission of formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman to highlight that Viridor have done almost nothing since the LGO conclusions
5. On going anti-Viridor/Pennon on line campaigning to expose them for the rogue traders and charlatans that they are and to ensure decision makers across the country know their legacy in other areas
6. Wide scale local door to door campaign and major on line campaing to highlight issues focused around the 2018 local elections
7. Continual publishing of articles and updates across the conservation network as widely as possible to publicise and gain support for the campaign
8. Engagement with local politicians to back the campaign and deliver a key strategic win for the local community and to deal with local corruption and corporate abuse
9. Continuing with the futile effort to assist Viridor/Pennon in any way possible to engage with the local community and conservation network to assist with the reserve development (which they continuously reject). An effort which has involved over 5000 volunteer hours a year for the last several years- which Viridor/Pennon have used as greenwash while they continue trashing the site- so effectively got the local community to dig their own graves- very nice people. 
10. Publicity stunts- a series of stunts (the insane campaign) to bring attention to the issues.
11. Sub-campaign about the Viridor Credits and Conservation Organisation Scandal.
12. Reporting of Viridor/Pennon to various accreditation schemes  that they are part for dissonance between the scheme values and what they are doing at Beddington. 

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