Monday, 20 November 2017

Bits and bobs and the end of an era

Quite a busy week last week. Monday was at Otmoor with Jacob- not a lot to write home about. Had another 3 Hawfinch go over Holly's garden. Back down to London then for the rest of the week (doing Saturdays to Monday in Oxford now and rest of week in London). Then on Wednesday met up with Sam Woods and went to Oare for the day- had the Long-billed Dowitcher and found a moulting Green-winged Teal (can you be certain of ascertaining purity of a moulting bird?).  Then the whole weekend was taken up with beginning to turn the bug room at the Beddington obs into Jacob's new room and today finally got a visit in to the farmlands- had a 2nd-winter Caspian Gull and a first-winter Caspian-type.  

 Red Kite over Otmoor 
 Male Green-winged Teal at Oare Marshes 
 The Long-billed Dowticher at Oare 
 2nd-winter Caspian Gull, Beddington today. A returning bird from last winter HERE and also seen on the Thames by Rich and Co HERE

 This first-winter bird showed features of Caspian Gull but the coverts were very pale and barred- Caspian-type

It was with some sadness that the Beddington Obs bug room (The Bugry) has been partly de-commissioned to make way for Jacob (unless he wanted to share his room with THIS. )

 As well at moth trapping from the window also been sound recording at night and also sky watching during the day. Added hundreds of new species to the Beddington pan-species lists from here- one of the most significant discoveries being the local population of Dewick's Plusia.  
The first moth trap in 2010 
 There were many highlights since 2009 including several hawkmoths visiting the Bugry including Lime Hawkmoth (above), Poplar, Elephant, Small Elephant and currently home to a pupating Privet Hawkmoth. 
 The Bugry on Saturday 
The Bugry today
Jacob seemed to find the whole thing hilarious 


Steve Gale said...

Best video I've seen all week. Thak's Jacob, put a smile on my face.

Peter Alfrey said...

:-) :-)