Friday, 21 April 2017

The Hackbridge Development Plan - for Nature and People

Primary objectives in plan that will develop Hackbridge into a nature and people model district include:

3.1 Develop Hackbridge as a major gateway to the Wandle Valley Regional Park (WVRP) .Policy number:  EP1

3.2 Develop a new visitors centre as part of the gateway to the WVRP. EP1

3.3 Protecting/safeguard/Improve and open up public access to existing green spaces, including MOL for the benefit of the people and wildlife. EP2

3.4 Manage green spaces for the benefit of people and wildlife EP3, EP4 EP5

3.5 Develop and improve green links/corridors EP6

3.6 Minimise climate change through soft landscaping EP7, EP8 EP9

Then plan has been formally submitted and if accepted will become a statutory document that will guide all future development in Hackbridge.

More details here: THE FINAL PLAN

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