Monday, 10 October 2016

Azores Autumn 2016 Day 3 CORVO

First day back on Corvo for Azores 2016. Arrived about lunch time and this afternoon teamed up with Katt and covered the reservoir and some of the village. Caught up with a couple of migrant waders and bumped into a Yellow-billed Cuckoo found by Klaus and Gaby Drissner on the way to dipping an Upland Sandpiper. Got a puncture in Katts car which cost us the Sandpiper so tomorrow's mission is to catch up with it- on the need's list for an Azores tick. 

 Yellow-billed Cuckoo by the Miradour
 Juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper on the lower reservoir road feeding in roadside puddles
 Juvenile American Golden Plover on the reservoir slope
 Vince at work
 Darryl and Vince 
Intriguing find of the day was this raptor large pellet. There are no raptors on this island so a mystery on our hands.


Unknown said...

The pellet could have been from a gull. At least some of the Azorean gulls hunt rats. On Pico I saw several carrying rats in flight! Justin Hart

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Justin, we did think of a gull but dismissed it on the rat contents so interesting to know that option still in the bag. Cheers Justin.