Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to Survive the Sixth Extinction....

How to survive the sixth extinction without going psychotic, slaughtering the local capitalists and hanging them from the village sign


1) The Apocalypse is here
2) Human well being, biodiversity and the health of the Planet is being transferred into capital, which billionaires and their facilitators are using to construct personal material paradises of excess and decadence to overcompensate for their inner misery, emptiness and inability to connect with anything meaningful and unfortunately turning the rest of the world into a wasteland so others can share in this misery, extinction, death and cancer in the process
3) You are most likely a co-operator in this system,  in effect digging your own grave, submitting to the will of others weaker than you because you lack the strength to project your own will, selling yourself short, being so much less than your best and creating an environment in which your children (if you have been selfish enough to have them) will live short, un-prosperous, carcinogenic  hopeless lives.
4) Your only sensible option is to declare total war on yourself and your submission to this dark and terrible situation.


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