Friday, 1 April 2016

Champions of the Flyway

Back home now reflecting on a week of birding, events and award ceremonies. No doubt such shenanigans will find discourse with certain sectors in birding but personally I think its good to keep it all in perspective and to remember that its not the people in birding but it is the birds that we all idolize. The birds are the stars and the people in birding are simply the stage crew and managers. The 'glitterazzi' of birding are the Birds and the people organising birding don't even register on the z list of worldy concerns (on the contrary) so its all a bit of comedy and harmless fun, I would say, a good way to make new friends and have a laugh or a good thing to just ignore and get on with the excellent birding going on outside. I also think that as the birding community is basically a radical and very small counter current movement to mainstream society values, I actually think that such an event in Israel is a statement of solidarity for all people and the planet. Brilliant and very hard work by the team that organised everything. 

Anyway, so here's some more pics of what Champions of the Flyway is all about- the migrating birds and protecting them as they pass through the Eastern flyway, facing enormous threats from hunting and trapping.

More here 

 Glossy Ibis 

Steppe Buzzards over Eilat mountains
 Booted Eagle
Osprey over the mountains
 Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters on migration
Little Stints
Wood Warbler

and a couple more of bird champions: 
 David and Vanessa wadi birding (The Urban Birder) 
 Niki and Simon raptor watching (RSPB Officers) 

And one last time, our song we did with the kids (THEE BRYANS

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