Saturday, 13 June 2015

Little Things

 Crambus sp (culmella?)
 Coleophora sp
Crambus lathoniellus
Pine Leaf Mining Moth? 
 Homoeosoma sinuella
 Eudonia pallida (six in the trap yesterday)
 Cydia nigricana (Pea moth) ?
 Scoparia pyralella (left) and Eudonia pallida
 A few of these along parkside. Chrysopilus cristatus (Black Snipe Fly)- thanks Derek
 Cochylis sp. ? (hybridella- thanks again Billy)
Interesting looking Ant?
Plant Bug sp
 Middle-barred Minor
Ghost Moth (a tick for me)
Salsify - some along the stream on Parkside
Finally a warm night last night and relatively busy in the Bugry. 50+ moths of 24 species and some more day-flying ones today. Also lots of tiny rove beetles last night too.
I've had a go at identifying some of the micros- provisional ids.
Quiet on the bird front so a good time to be working on the species inventory. Great Crested Grebes have got four eggs.

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