Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hackbridge Biodiversity Projects

 Wildflower verge along the London Road
 New entrance to Beddington Farmlands with planting beds
 Bedzed eco-village wildlife garden (Gillian's garden)
 The Church grounds (The Grounds Project)
 Village centre rain gardens
Silverdale Estate Communal gardens
 Volucella bombylans (a new one for me today). A bee-mimic hoverfly
 Small Red Damsel (another new one for me)- its a Large Red- so one off! (cheers Steve) 
 Whatever this looping caterpillar is?- it does a good impression of a stick
 Berberis sawfly larvae- infestation in Silverdale which we are treating by beating the bushes, separating out the sawflies from the good insects and then destroying the larvae
Everlasting Peas- out now.

Being doing some bits on our biodiversity projects around town over last couple of days. Here's a few pics. On Thursday we are entering a bid for a major project on some of the larger green spaces in town- all part of creating the most bio-diverse urban district of Greater London.  Fingers crossed.
The new entrance to the farmlands is now complete- looks great! 


Steve Gale said...

Sorry Pete, your Small Red Damselfly is a Large Red. One quick and easy ID is that Small has red legs, Large has black.

Peter Alfrey said...

oh gutted! I've had Large red before and this look a lot smaller- must be variable. Cheers Steve