Friday, 19 September 2014

What's the fuss?

Independence Referendum? I always struggle to see the relevance of party politics to the majority of people in the modern world .Am I wrong? but aren't un-elected business leaders, marketing moguls, fashion barons, musicians, film makers, inventors, etc, etc the leaders of this country (and the world) and the political parties respond to their achievements (by jumping on to winners that will keep themselves in power)- not the other way round. Political parties broker power between people and the real leaders. Real leaders fund the parties to introduce policies that serve their interests and to distract the wider populace into sub-contracting their individual power to their power brokers . They rely on individuals to believe in limited power to maintain the monopoly on power themselves. 

If  anyone has an appetite for independence all they have to do is bypass the middlemen and start making real changes by changing their personal projection on the world .People power is expressed by consumer and personal choices- what an individual buys, what organisations they support, how they organise things amongst themselves, what they watch, what they click on, who and what they work for, what values they express, what they do etc.  Nobody needs referendum or permission from anyone to express their independence and nobody with real power is elected to power- those with real power are powerful because of their nature. Anyone who has to be elected to power can't be very powerful- they need the people to give them power not the other way round.  Its all hocus pocussery from some and lack of individual self belief or interest from others but alls well that ends well- social and political systems come and go but individual power persists. Vote for true independence and true freedom- project your true self??.... Or tick a form and then go and have a lie down (and wake up later to the sound of wolves at the door) ? Aye-now perhaps I see some of the relevance.


mike N. said...

Wolfie Phillips is still alive & well.!
Power to the people!

mike N. said...

Sorry-should read Wolfie Smith!!

Peter Alfrey said...

I can call myself Wolfie Phillips then if that's name going? lol