Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I changed the text to this post. Tried to explain the link between birding and this song. The only link is that as well as being a birder I somehow have to fit into the wider world, which often conflicts with birding- something that often confuses me, particularly with regards to what class I'm in or where I belong.
Anyway I decided birding is classless- in our bird group we have people from all walks of life.  I also decided that there seems to be things out of my control that keeps me where I am, including being a birder and my lack of interest for things that most people seem interested in means that its hopeless to measure my achievements against those kind of values, whereas freedom and time to observe is prestige in my opinion- something others seem to value much less- I guess from different histories and different substance. Somehow there is something levelling about having different values and having different definitions of wealth. Anyway this song was somehow somewhere something to do with that- where social hierarchy is a myth and somehow we all end up classless.


mike N. said...

Great sentiments
Song is boring-needs a few key changes or a middle eight but then what do I know ? Loved the strings "sample"
Mike N.

Peter Alfrey said...

We literally did a boring song on purpose (wanted to do a song from scratch in one day)- tired of doing of epics (we've recorded some songs over 3 years!) - although agree might have overdone it- can stick a middle eight in there. Will work on it. Cheers mike.

Paul Alfrey said...

love it

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Paulie