Thursday, 23 January 2014

Why we must protect Beddington Farmlands and Stop the South London Incinerator #1


Beddington Farmlands is being developed into a 400 acre nature reserve within the coreland (over 1000 acres) of the wider Wandle Valley Regional Park. The Nature Reserve and the Regional Park is the single most important part of the green infrastructure within South London and has the potential to enhance the lives of millions of Londoners by providing an opportunity to connect people to nature through bird and nature watching, photography, walking, running, fitness and cycling, education, other multi-functional ways and also for employment.

The South London Nature Reserve at Beddington Farmlands can address the serious issue of 'nature deficiency disorder' (which is probably even more serious in the challenging social environments of South London) and in doing so enhancing the lives of the 1.6 million children and people of the immediate surrounding area.  Educating city folk in the importance of nature being an essential part of a healthy human environment is so important anywhere and possibly even more so in London-a city whose people and ideas influences the whole world. Beddington Farmlands is set to become one of the largest urban nature reserves of any city- a flagship to people and nature coexisting .

View looking north over Beddington Farmlands towards central London
The WWT London Wetland Centre at Barnes- Beddington Farmlands is 4 times the size of the London Wetland Centre and was the joint lead contender for the main London Wetland Centre. Barnes was chosen due to it's more central location and also because Beddington Farmlands was already being developed as a reserve as part of planning conditions by Viridor. 

Stop the Incinerator: 

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