Sunday, 26 January 2014

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch Weekend

Blue Tits (anyone know what the lichens are?)

Ring-necked Parakeet eating a 'spiked' apple
Went to town on buying a range of foods- so far attracted all of the main target species being monitored in the RSPB project expect Coal Tit (a local rarity) 
Collected literally a couple of tonnes of apples from Little Oak Gardens in the autumn and been getting through them during the winter- not many thrushes about though due to mild weather so the local Blackbirds are in

 In addition to the starling murmurations that go outside the obs windows, I've also got this going on (straight out of Hitchcock's The Birds)

This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch- would add a link to the site but it's crashed probably because so many people are trying to take part.

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