Monday, 15 July 2013

Hot Blog and moths

Little Grebe 
Pebble Prominent 
Treble Brown-spot 
Six-spot Burnets mating- lots on the mound
Blue-boarded Carpet- caught on the moth evening last week

The birding isn't too clever in this heatwave but the entomology is on fire. I am writing this at 11pm in the bugry (my old bedroom) in the company of thousands of insects- mostly midges, but also loads of beetles, lacewings, sawflies, caddisflies, true flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ophion wasps and a good selection of moths, all over the walls, ceiling and filling up the light trap (only a bachelor could get away with this! )- a Buff tip has just landed on the laptop. Had quite a few moths recently including Blue-boarded Carpet, Small Seraphim, Epitonia bilunana, Southern Waincot, Epiblema foenella, Pebble Prominent and Treble Brown-spot.

The first Snipe of the autumn today on the Southern Lake (a Mother of Pearl has just landed in my hair). Also Hobby most nights recently, 3 Shoveler around, the Shelduck young is still going for it and looks like all the Mute Swan young are still alive. 

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