Sunday, 21 July 2013


Juvenile Cuckoo
 Ruddy Shelduck
 Juvenile Peregrine
 Juvenile Black-headed Gull
 Common Blue
 Soldier Fly on Ragwort
Six-spot Burnet
Two Cuckoo on 100 acre were a real treat today- the first juvenile I have seen well in years at the farm. Other birding notes include a juvenile Peregrine, 15 Green Sandpiper, 2 Common Sandpiper and a Ruddy Shelduck of unknown origin on 100 acre. Lots of young birds about Great Spot and Green Woodpeckers, young Kestrels , finch flocks are starting to form, a few tit flocks on the edges, warbler families and plenty of juvenile gulls.
After the cloud burnt off there was plenty of butterflies again- hundreds of Meadow Brown and probably 100+ Essex Skippers and the most Six-spot Burnets I have seen on site before- 30-40+.


Benoit said...

The fly looks more like a Hoverfly (a Cheilosia) to me.

Thank-you for your blog!

Peter Alfrey said...

Maybe it is. Here's another photo :

Its the bottom of the first blog post

Any idea what species?

john said...

Some wonderful photos there, Pete.

Peter Alfrey said...

cheers John