Tuesday, 24 July 2012

High Summer 800

Really busy on the pan species front at the moment- loads of insects out and hectic at night in the bugry. Broken the 800 species barrier now on my Beddington pan species list.

Meadow Brown on Wild Carrot- lots of these around today particularly on the mound and the grass areas. At least 50+ on my round. 
Common Centuary (i-spot id). Plenty of new flowers out.
Tufted Duck family. At least two broods of Tufted Ducks out now. A bit quiet on the bird front- 8 Green Sands, 1 Common Sand and 2 Sparrowhawk. Lots of Swifts around in the evenings- at least 250 yesterday.
Jersey Tiger in the trap last night. Loads of insects attracted to the trap in the evening. New macros recently include Dusky Sallow and July High Flyer. Also a few new micros. Lots of Common and Scarce Footmans in the evening, Riband Waves and Heart and Darts. Three Tree Lichen Beauties yesterday. Loads of foul smelling beetles got attracted last night too.
Small Copper 
Butterflies all over the new meadow on the mound. Tens of Essex Skipper and Meadow Browns, also Small Heath, Large White, Ringlet, Small White. I had a Marbled White on Sunday- there's been two knocking about. Also Peacock, Holly Blue, Red Admiral, Comma, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshells and Gatekeepers. Day flying moths up on the mound at the moment include Corn Borer, Silver Y and Six-spot Burnet.

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