Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sun at last

Common Buzzard - one of two today, the first of the autumn migration 

14 Cormorants moving west 

Gatekeeper, emerged over the last couple of weeks

xanthogramma pedissequm (i-spot id)- new one for my pan species list

Chloromyia formosa (pan species tick)

Meadows on the mounds- areas of bird's foot trefoil and wild carrot (below)

Finally got a bit of sun following a long wet spell. Plenty of insects out today particularly feeding on the umbellifers (mainly hogweed and wild carrots). Also a few new plants coming into flower and giving me a chance to work them out - e.g. Spiny Restharrow.

The wet spell has had mixed effects at Beddington- good for the vegetation by the looks of it, probably had a bad effects on the insects and Tree Sparrows are a two thirds down from peak numbers so look like they've taken a hit. Starling numbers are lower this year too and a lot of the ducks must have lost eggs when the lakes flooded.

Autumn migration continues to pick up pace- the first Common Buzzards today for the autumn, a flock of 14 Cormorant went over and there's a few waders about- 2 Common Sandpiper and 6 Green Sandpiper. The ringers caught quite a few young warblers this morning.

Looks like the flying ants are out- sky is full of fly catching gulls, crows and starlings. Summer here at least for today!

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