Sunday, 22 April 2012

Panning for Species

Reed Warbler 
Holly Blue 
Rove Beetle sp 
Ground Bug (Raglius alboacuminatus) 
Owl Midge sp (Psychodidae)

Not much in the bird nets this morning and only an Early Grey in the moth trap (it has been rubbish for moths in these cool evenings for much of April). Not much in the way of vis mig either (just a handful of Swallows) so I went round checking the insect mats. I attempted putative identifications
(with the help of I-spot and Frank) and reckon I've got an additional 8 ticks over this weekend- Velvet Mite, Common Cryptops, Salsify (growing near the ringing station), Rove bettle sp (above), Common Striped Woodlouse, Ground Bug (Raglius alboacuminatus), Owl midge sp (above) and Long Worm. That puts me on 646 (dodgy) for the farm.
Pics here:

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