Sunday, 1 April 2012

Beddington Ringing

Willow Warbler



Great Tit

Dunnock- the first bird we ringed

Migrating adult Med Gulls
Green-veined White
First day of ringing today- caught 13 birds including a few migrants. The clear skies are back so not too much in the way of grounded migrants. A few bits going over at height including Med Gulls and a handful of Common Buzzards.


Darryl said...

Are you training to ring again?

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes. Mike is training us at Beddington so we have a new Beddington ringing group.
Will I be able to take my totals over from Queen Mary from before?

Darryl said...

Nice one. Not sure about your previous totals counting now, QM was quite a few years ago, check with the ringing office. You'll have to come down here in August/September and do an acro session or two.

Peter Alfrey said...

Will check with the ringing office.
well up for an acro session.