Sunday, 30 January 2011

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron on the Azores

I am going looking for this bad boy next week. Luckily it's rediscovery coincides with a planned trip to Lisbon and the Azores for me. Fingers crossed. It's been there since July, found by a non-birder. The photos were sent to SPEA and only came to the attention of birders a little while ago. The PRC were in the process of getting confirmation of the id and releasing the belated news when another unidentified photo was sent in from a week ago of the same bird in the same place. Some how this bird managed to avoid the attention of the army of last autumn birders. Perhaps it is spending a lot of time on remote rocky coastlines and if so- we might just need a boat to track it down. We will see.

Pics of from July and recently here- note the progress of the plumage.

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