Friday, 28 January 2011

Beatles and Birds

Not much else to do in the winter but look for gulls and think of all the Beatles songs that have something to do with birds:

And your bird can sing

Norweigan Wood (And this bird as flown)


Blue Jay Way

Also there a song called 'Flying' which I reckon is about birds, Gerby reckons that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was a bird and there is also a reference to birds singing in 'Till there was you'. Also there is Free as Bird- recorded from beyond Lennon's grave and a version of Across the Universe has the sounds effect of a swan taking off. Can't think of anything else..


john said...

Lucy in the Sky With Daimonds must refer to the Lucy's Warbler of the Southwestern USA. It's about as dull in coloration as many of the Old World's most drab warlers.

Peter Alfrey said...

That's why the drab bird needed diamonds.
Mystery solved- Lennon did say it was not about drugs but he didn't admit he was a closet birder :-)

Graham James said...

What about "For the benefit of Mr. Kite"

Graham James said...

"You won't see me" could have been a reference to the Slaty-backed Gull after day two at Rainham.

Peter Alfrey said...

Ha ha :-)

'Your going to Loose that Gull' was about the Slaty- backed.